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ALL CDs are available from cdbaby.com. Streaming and digital downloads are available in all the usual places.

New, as of March 16, 2022.

I've added an online store, where physical CDs can be ordered. It's at "CD Sales Store"

I've got a couple of projects in progress

Upcoming release of an album of all original works, entitled Originally, is awaiting the completion of more material. I've got about half an album recorded, and several additional songs I'm working on. I don't have a release date for this one at present. It depends on how quickly I get nee songs written and ready for recording.

Here's a track called Home from it:

"Live at Penn's Colony Festival" is what it sounds like. Red McWilliams and I, with special guest Jessica Willard (AKA Willa Whamdiddler) recorded our shows at Penn's Colony Festival, with the gracious help of Lou Anscheuetz of Larch Audio. The result is here, for your entertainment.  (For those of you with dirty minds, Jess's stage name is not at all risque. The hammered dulcimer was once called a whamdiddle. A whamdiddler, therefore, is someone that plays the hammered dulcimer.)

 Christmas, the Parody and Other bits of silliness. This one is comedic lyrics to a number of "old favorite" Christmas songs and a few other odds and ends. It's fun working on this one.

"Under Cover" is ready to releaase, lacking only cover art.. Watch here for the announcement.

In 2021, after a long hiatus, DruidSong has returned to both recording and live performance work. In August, I released Compass Points, an entirely new collection of music. As the name implies, I sing about going plaes, doing things and what “we” might see along the way.

Also in 2016, Mixed Nuts was released. As the mane suggests, it’s a collection of songs that aren’t closely related. There’s Celtic music, and osme drawn form the US “folk” tradition.

2016 saw the release of Sinners and Saints. The music is all Celtic, and talks about the “good guys” and rgoues.

Yuletide, a collection of holiday music, is available in the usual places. This album was a long time in the making. I've worked on it off and on for several years, and now have recordings I'm satisfied with. there are songs from both Christian and Pagan traditions. Enjoy!

The Nautical Bits" is now available. For this CD, DruidSong sings  a number of songs from or about the sea. The ocean played a major role in the lives of the Celts. They fished, hunted whales and served in the merchant marine. Along with those songs, I also sing about life and love, those being common themes in Celtic music. I had a lot of fun making this album, and I hope you have as much fun listening to it.

"Back In The Day", a return to the coffee house circuit and the 1960s is now available from CD Baby. This is a double album, with two discs of the music I performed then. That's where the title comes from - it was back in the day.

"Freedom" is now available. This CD includes, as the title track, a DruidSong original. The entire collection is in support of the upcomign referendum on Scottish independence.


I wish them well in this endeavor. Charting the course of a nation is a difficult task.


Soar Alba!

"A Wee Dram" is now available. I am joined on this CD by Susan Borowski (Steel Clover) for "The Parting Glass".Sue is a very talented musician, and I delighted to have her providing fiddle and vocal backup for the song.

"Lovers and Other Strangers" has been released. CDs are available from CDBaby, at www.cdbaby.com/cd/DruidSong2. Digital downloads from all the usual sites, such as Amazon.com. DOwnloads are also available directly from CDBaby and at www.druidsong.bandcamp.com.


This album continues the collaboration between DruidSong and Nan Hawthorne, with the track "Fair Colleens All". It's been a fun effort and I continue to enjoy working with Nan.

"Rebels and Rogues" has been released. CDs are available at www.cdbaby.com/cd/DruidSong1. Digital download are available from all sorts of places, including CD Baby and at www.druidsong.bandcamp.com.


This CD has been a really exciting experience. It includes the first collaboration between DruidSong and Nan Hawthorne - "The Ballad of Rory McGuiness". Nan is the host of an internet radio station (Radio De' Danann), and author of "An Involuntary King".

"Johnny Jump Up" is complete, and available from CD Baby*. My intention was to release "Rebels and Rogues" next, but this one just sort of happened. It was kind of a surprise to both me and the sound man. We were recording material for the next release, and when we reviewed what we had so far, "Johnny Jump Up" just sort of jumped up.


The first CD, entitled "DruidSong" is available from CD Baby* (THIS CD NO LONGER AVAILABLE)


Digital downloads are available from all sorts of places, including Bandcamp

*CD Baby makes clips available of the pieces on the CDs there, so clips of all the music on the DruidSong CD are available there.


An even better place to listen to clips is bandcamp. Check http://druidsong.bandcamp.com/